STEELFIT Strength Grid - 20' Extended Unit

Steelfit strength Grid - 14 foot base unit
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  • Item #: SF-008

A STEELFIT® Strength Grid™ is a multi-use floor mounted pull up bar system designed for maximum users and durability. This impressive system provides the bars necessary for a variety of individual, group and class training needs. The extended unit is 20' long by 6' wide and can be installed either against the wall or in open space to access bar surfaces from all sides. Height includes both 7 1/2' and 8 1/2' tall pull up bars. The primary pull up bars are off-set from the frame with a 1-1/4" diameter bar and is perfect for strict or kipping pull ups. Secondary pull up bars forming an interior monkey bars course and parallel bars offer additional fitness stations and functionality. The Grid is made from hand welded steel square tube/channel and finished in raw, blackened steel for rugged authenticity. The STEELFIT® Strength Grid™ has been designed with the option to accommodate bracket accessories to convert up to four work stations into squat racks and for use with a bench for maximum space efficiency.

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